United Nations Programs

The Science in Service to Humanity United Nations programs focus on supporting and funding young scholars, students, and interns in the United Nations Youth Assemblies held every January and August at the United Nations HQ in New York City, NY.  The purpose of this involvement and semi-strategic alliance is to ensure that SSHF’s research programs are formulated in conjunction with the research projects that the United Nations has assembled based upon the inputs from it’s member nations and their identified needs with regard to world health and international health dangers.  SSHF interns, scholars, and research fellows will be assigned to programs and projects at the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, as well as other research and educational institutions and colleges and universities focused on health and biotech-related research.

Dialogue regarding strategic alliances has already begun between SSHF and the Washington Scholars:www.WashingtonScholars.org, the Admiral Carey Foundation and their Distinguished Scholars of America Program: www.AdmiralCareyFoundation.org, and the Distinguished Scholars of Canada:www.DistinguishedScholars.ca.   Plans are being developed for SSHF Interns, Scholars, Fellows, and Researchers who attend the United Nations Youth Assembly Programs to do so in conjunction with the delegations from the Washington Scholars, Distinguished Scholars of America, and Distinguished Scholars of Canada in order to share various logistics and travel costs and other joint efforts to optimize this United Nations involvement.

Further inquiry regarding SSHF’s United Nations programs and projects should be directed to RADMCarey@aol.com