The Dr. George Jackowski Distinguished Scholars

Dr George Jackowski
Dr. George Jackowski

Dr. George Jackowski has a lifetime of commitment to science in service to humanity. He has given millions of dollars to colleges and universities to further biotech research that has resulted in numerous discoveries and patents that have brought significant benefit to humankind all around the world. The purpose of the Dr. Jackowski Distinguished Scholars is to provide a forum whereby his commitment to research and service to humanity can be recognized through a broad range of Internships, Fellowships, Scholarships, and Grants in his name, all with a focus on supporting and furthering scientific research that will benefit the world through advances in medical science.

Initial discussions have already been undertaken with the Admiral Carey Foundation: and the Distinguished Scholars of Canada: and the Washington Scholars: with the intent to establish strategic partnerships to further these efforts. In particular, our Science in Service to Humanity Foundation will furnish the funding and oversight for these programs and projects with the Strategic Partners providing the operations, administration, and management of these actual programs. The initial locations of these programs will be in the USA, primarily in Washington, DC as that is the location of the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and related research programs.

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