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A MENSA Special Interest Group [SIG]

The Founder and Director of Human Genome Research SIG is Mensa Member Jim Carey [not the actor, the retired naval officer] who shares a keen special interest in Human Genome Research. He is neither a Scientist nor a Researcher, but over the past decade or so, having watched with growing curiosity the exciting advances in medicine as a result of human genome research, he’s become more and more interested, and through this SIG seeks to share this interest with other Mensa Members with the same curiosity in human genome research, given some of the exciting results, particularly medical, that appear to be on the horizon.

Jim Carey is funding this SIG, so there are no dues. Human Genome Research SIG will operate as a website-focused structure with information on new discoveries and available newsletters and centers-of-influence in this research that will enable all of us to become and stay more informed as to what is being discovered that could impact upon our own lives. Mensa Members interested in being a part of this SIG and in having access to this website should send an e-mail expression of interest to with Human Genome Research SIG in the e-mail subject line. Future contact and communications will be via e-mail and will include regular newsletters outlining new discoveries and additions to the website, along with added opportunities for SIG Members to participate. In particular, SIG Members will be asked to submit information on Human Genome Research and Studies they become aware of so that information can be posted on this website for all to know the details and any participation opportunities.


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