Antibiotics vs. Superbugs

The magnitudes of growth in the number of fatal superbugs over the years that do NOT respond to existing antibiotics is both astounding and frightening. These superbugs are now present in every hospital in the world, as well as throughout societies and cultures, and thus those who are exposed to them, particularly those with suppressed immune systems due to illness, are particularly vulnerable. And that includes our children and grandchildren who are ill, our elderly parents and grandparents, and also the wounded warriors of the Armed Forces, all of whom go to hospitals for treatment and all of whom are thus vulnerable to these infections. The USA Center for Disease Controls cites that over 2,000,000 Americans will be infected by these superbugs every year and over 23,000 of them will die because there are no existing antibiotics that will kill these evolved superbugs.

Science in Service to Humanity Foundation has been involved in these issues for several years now, and continues to push for Congressional action in the USA to provide a structure that will encourage new antibiotics research and development. Some legislation HAS been passed [the GAIN Act in 2012] and much-needed additional legislation in 2014 has been introduced but not yet passed: [the ADAPT Act in the House of Representatives and the PATH Act in the U.S. Senate] and until these additional laws are passed, our families and fellow citizens are going to continue dying at the rate of 23,000 every year. In our opinion, one of the very best sources of information on these issues AND the legislation that can resolve these problems can be found on the website of the Pew Charitable Trusts, a nonpartisan USA foundation that does tremendous work in a broad range of medical and health areas and issues. The URL for their work in the area of Superbugs vs. Antibiotics follows:

There is also a new report on the worldwide impact of these superbugs and what it is going to cost if action is not taken to address these issues and to promote new antibiotics research and development. These costs are beyond frightening and indicate that if not addressed, their cost in treatment and impact on cultures and economies by the year 2050 will be $100 Trillion Dollars— that’s not $100 Million or $100 Billion, but $100 Trillion dollars. Such costs will overwhelm most of the nations fo the world and MUST BE ADDRESSED NOW!!! Further details on the UK Report are at the following URL:

We’re also pleased to be able to report that the President and his Administration took aggressive action on these problems this past Fall, so that hopefully the entire Administration is now on board and taking steps to face up to these killer superbugs. The national strategy of the USA to address these issues is outlined at the following White House URL:

And the President’s Council on Science and Technology Advisory Report can be read at the following White House URL:

Science in Service to Humanity Foundation will continue our aggressive involvement in these issues and will post additional information on this page as new progress is made or new dangers are addressed. You can help us in these efforts by making sure your Congressman and BOTH Senators are made aware of your concerns and the dangers to your children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, and our nation’s wounded servicemen and women until the Congress takes action.

Additional information sites are available as follows: