Admiral Carey Research Scholars

James J Carey
RADM [Ret.] James J. Carey

The Admiral Carey Research Scholars Program is meant to compliment and build upon the good work of the Dr. George Jackowski Distinguished Scholars.  The Dr. Jackowski Scholars are meant to provide scholarships, internships, and fellowships for medical and biotech focused college undergraduates and graduate students, assisting them to build the necessary academic base upon which to then move forward into more advanced research programs through fellowships, scholarships, and grants provided by the Admiral Carey Research Scholars Program.  The primary focus of both programs is to increase through advanced education, the level of scientific discoveries that will lead to better health and improved health technology and medications for humankind.

The Admiral Carey Foundation: has already agreed to work in cooperation with SSHF in support of these programs, and outreach has already begun with the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs: and the Distinguished Scholars of

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